My work, a tool

I use this tool in order to understand the mechanic of my own mind and soul the complexity of my emotions; to understand the Universe and my connection to it and to share what I am learning throughout that process as I find it to be worth sharing. At the same time, I learn from people that are generous and willing to share the wisdom of their own journeys.

How does creating art make me feel?

I truly appreciate creativity, in me and other people and I do not take it for granted. For me, creating art is not a hobby, a space that I give myself to relieve the tension of a stressful life or just to express the need for creation.

To make art is something else because that urge comes from such emotional depths that is barely comprehensive. It is consuming, often overwhelming, and exciting.

The urge which is larger than me. This is how I feel about it. It goes beyond the need for expression into the strange sense of responsibility. By that I mean, as I previously said, it is a tool, a language that I use to express what can not be expressed in any other way. I need it, it is personal. My growth depends on it – that makes me feel responsible. The artist should never accept the unacceptable and should always question those who offer no true quality.

You see how it makes me feel? It makes me feel very passionate, opinionated. Even philosophical. It makes me come in touch with my core believes. Question them, create and recreate endlessly.

Art & emotions

Art is vastly based on emotions. It is a coping mechanism for dealing with or expressing ones emotions, connecting with the inner child. Through the act of creating art, an artist is able to experience a certain primal form of freedom which empowers him/her to express what is suppressed. Or simply express the artist’s perception of divine beauty. Or just beauty.

It all depends on the sensibility of the one who creates, its thoughts, environment, conditioning, formal and informal education, emotional and mental state, etc. That is why it is very difficult to define art, it is not a one-way street.

Emotions can also be expressed through the prism of intellect. When emotions are so complex, that is the only way to do it. At least that is the case with me in “Archetype of Cosmic Order”, the body of work I’ll be exhibiting on this platform soon. My goal is to offer another point of view.

Art is not only about expressing your emotions, it is also a serious intellectual work. One does not exclude the other. It is, actually, a sweet fusion.

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