Changing times?

I think that art and life, in general, are on a verge of a huge change, I can feel it in my bones. And we should figure out how to adjust and not lose the essence. When I say we, I mean humanity, but especially the artists, the captivators of times. You can not change the world, it is an elusive dream. What we can intend is to constantly evolve as human beings living in this world, and that is our contribution, our legacy. Being kind, loving, and understanding, only fight the good fights.

I’ve had some conversations with people in the art circle about digital media today and how we, especially painters, should boycott it. And this kind of mindset is dominant in the art schools in my environment. That, I would say, is a good fight to fight. And I will, gladly. Maybe that is partly a reason why I started doing illustrations. If we want to preserve humanity in a digital era, we, artists, must take it under control and promote quality and meaningful content rather than bullshit.

Yes, the technical part of the craft – the painting process – should absolutely be nourished for many reasons. But accepting the new doesn’t mean the complete destruction of the old – it means the destruction of what is not working anymore. Or just accepting what’s good in the new and rejecting what’s not. It doesn’t have to be so rigid and dramatic… one way or another. As many minds, as many ways.

New Freedom

As we are not all the same in the path of mental, spiritual and emotional evolution, we should grow tolerance and be more respectful towards the things we don’t understand instantly. The age of narcissism is about to end. Look at what nature is so desperately fighting to say to this oblivious humankind. Resistance and fear bring destruction, not new ways. New ways should at least be examined.

I feel a deep care for connection, for openness to start conversations and talk freely, to think and develop mindfulness. Not just randomly do stuff or constantly repeating what’s already been said. Fuck that, pardon my French, but I get excited… There is so much fake stuff, all around. And in this day and age, with social media we need to be extra careful, we need to learn how to filter. Obviously, social media is our reality, we can not escape it and that is good because it allows so many great opportunities and connections if used properly.

I am thinking about the youth that comes after, what kind of legacy we are leaving for them. For sure not much, unfortunately. We are mostly passive with broken spirits. That is why we need to recognize this cosmic energy so much… we need to believe that there is something greater than a human with a number of likes and followers on damn social media. I need to believe that such thing is possible. We must preserve what is universally of great quality in this times where everything became so fluid… how to follow your rhythm, expression and authenticity but maintain quality and substance. I never minded the hustle, both physical and mental.

My job is to uplift, share experience and authentic expression, invoke the good stuff visually or verbally, push out of a comfort zone –
myself and the ones who
engage with me.

It’s my job to expand, grow, learn, connect…
some will resonate, some will not.
Oh well… I’m doing this for us, my soul tribe.

Artistic education and university

I think that art students often put extreme amounts of pressure on themselves which serves no good. It deteriorates everything good in the process of creation. Many years in formal education thought me nothing but what not to do. I have amounts of built frustration regards how certain educational systems are structured in a way that doesn’t uplift, rather kills the spirit.

I desired to make a career out of it, to make a change, to become certified because as just an artist you are often sort of an outcast in society. But now that I am certified I see no difference.
They teach us in art schools to have big dreams, to work ourselves to exhaustion only to have our wings broken in the end. Lack of motivation, support, and true mentorship.

I live in a country that never recovered from certain political structures, where paradox is just a normal state of reality. And current political structure serves us no good. Collective consciousness bears the weight of turbulent history, that only art and fresh ideas can purify, if only we dare to influence the more positive outcome.

That is why I had to separate myself from everything I knew,
from everything I learned so far, and find my path.
I am still in that process.

How should art serve people?

Art is not a servant. Art is nourishment – feeds the mind and the soul; art heals. You can’t force it, it’s influence has to be organic. And of course, it will never resonate with everyone. That is why it’s so hard to explain and define art, and we shouldn’t even try.
Feel it. Allow it to consume you and inspire you.

Art raises consciousness about things that matter, but not to be exploited in political affairs. It should be impartial, the witness of times, maybe judge, and absolutely should offer alternative ways of thinking.

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