My illustrations are my experimental phase, for now. I honestly don’t know where it’s taking me. I think I would like to work on a project that requires illustration, but I’m still learning and figuring out what exactly I want to do with it. I am having so much fun creating them and so be it. Without a clear artistic vision about it, it happened at the time when I seriously needed to make a radical change in my life and work, so I just followed that new born passion. Illustrations are very popular right now and I think it can turn into a solid business.

Illustration offers me to create in a more flexible environment. It doesn’t require solitude,
large space, lots of light, equipment nor
a special state of mind – for now.

It offers the viewers diversity
of my creative expression.

Inspirational & favourite artists

There is no particular artist that inspired me a lot. On a soul level, I am inspired by great revolutionaries, the ones that shook the world, the ones who challenged conformity and political influence on everyday life.

Especially my artistic father, Maljevic. A subtle spiritual revolution. Evolution – not so subtle. This man changed the world permanently, he opened up a new door to perception and the debate is still, a century after, very much relevant. That is what I call the work of substance. It does not have to be explosive, aggressive, or forced to be noticed and disturbing in a good way. We don’t have to obsess about overthrowing such big ideas, or match them, but for sure we should be in awe.

Regarding my favourite artists I have to say, I do not have such preferences, because I do not believe in glorification. But I do admire a great piece of work or body of work. Besides, I like so many different things which have no common ground what-so-ever, you wouldn’t be able to make sense out of it.

What truly moves me is a vibe, purity of a piece or an idea, the vision, the heart in it. Even the powerful expression of the brutal pain… raw emotion, honesty.

My most recent project: finding sense

I am currently trying to make sense out of everything that surrounds me and everything I’ve experienced so far. I took some time to get much needed rest. I welcomed new energy – the energy of acceptance – without resistance and it took me places I never imagined. So, I am embracing my place and my role in this journey of mine. Regards painting, I haven’t even touched a brush for a year… I am not even sure that I will any time soon. In the future, yes. Right now, I am exploring other mediums of art. I am figuring things out. And I assure you that something is cooking.

Where can we see your art and how can we get in touch with you?

My creative journey can be seen on my Instagram page (@suenyo__) for now, and here, on the pages of Suboartmagazine, exclusively, where my series Archetype of Cosmic Order will be shown for the first time on Friday, August 27th. I want to thank you so much for this lovely opportunity, I appreciate it greatly and I am so grateful that I’ve found you or you found me, things happen for a reason. ❤

My hopes for the future

My only hope is that my emotional, physical, and mental health is in a good shape for a long time ahead. All of my effort goes in that direction right now. Creation follows, it has always been my companion. Without fears and concerns. I do not want to be defined. There are so many ideas that I want to explore, in time. Stay tuned! And explore with me…

Love, Sanja ❤

Exhibition opening:
Friday, August 27th:

Archetype of Cosmic Order

by artist

Sanja Sjordjevic

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