Humans are strange creatures full of contradictions, we’re not black and white. We are full of colours, emotions, a very complex universe within ourselves.

Interior in grey variations

I don’t really know why I choose humans as the main motive in my pictures. I usually never paint landscapes or architecture. I feel moved by human representation.


Backgrounds are very important and unique works in themselves. I had a teacher that said that “Backgrounds are for masters”, and it is true. Nowadays, this has been lost in most of the cases and we see many artworks with a main image and no background, or a plain background.

Backgrounds wrap what you have put in your paintings, it settles all the pieces together.

Girl after the bath with plant from the series
Sculpting on the Canvas
Oil on canvas, 100 x 80 cm
Barcelona & its artists

The art scene in Barcelona is at present very poor. There are very few interesting exhibitions. The prices to rent a workplace are becoming higher and higher. It is becoming very difficult to exhibit our work so artists use other initiatives like restaurants, libraries etc. I must also say that there are thousands of artists in my city, so this world is becoming very competitive. As for an emerging artist who I’d like to share with you, I’d like to mention Lidiology who I recently discovered on Instagram. I think she has a lot of potential and I like her ideas and the use of colour.

My hopes for the future are not to think about the future. Go on working while I can, try always to improve to make better works.

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