We invited Susana to comment on some of her paintings
in order to give you, dear readers, more insight
into the stories behind her images.

Girl with her Teddy bear
Girl with her Teddy bear, oil on canvas, 2015
89 x 103 cm

This painting was part of a series call “Sculpting on the canvas”, where I represented figures lying. The colors were very neutral and at this time I used to paint with a thick oil layer, applying thick brush strokes. I was a bit obsessed with volume and dept in my paintings. In this case I used my little daughter and her teddy bear as a model. I have used her many times as a model as it is difficult to have living models nowadays.

Girl with butterfly

This piece belongs to the same Serie like the artwork before “Sculpting on the canvas”. The model it is also my daughter while she was immersed in water in her bath. It’s a very small piece. Also, you can observe that there are many oil layers so the final result is a bit like pastel colors, a bit matt and raw.

Light reflections
Light reflections, oil on board, 2020-21
55 x 46 cm

This is a recent work from the Series Interior. Nowadays, I am painting on board so I don’t used so much oil as I used to do before, so you can see the surface flatter. What I emphasize in this work is the effects of light reflecting on the girl on the painting. The colors I am using lately are much stronger than before because I am giving it more importance. This painting is also quite geometric and with very few elements. Oil on board.

Blue Inside
Blue inside, oil on canvas, 2020
83 x 109 cm

This work belongs to the same Serie as the one before. It is the same “Interiors”. This is a moment in my life after a long and serious illness. I became more self-introspective so the subjects I depicted are usually related to thinking figures standing isolated. This stroke in my life provoked in me quite an earthquake as I realized how fragile human life is and how we are subjected to invisible forces which we can not domain. This work tends to melancholia or to a blue state of mind.

Woman with yellow lace in bathtub
Woman with yellow lace in bathtub, oil on canvas, 2020-21
89 x 103 cm

This work belongs to the Serie Bath time. As I said before the main subjects these two last years have been around the human figure isolated. This work was also painted during the process of my illness where I decided, after a moment of frustration and disappointment with life that I wanted to go on painting, doing it as a joy, without any specific proposal

Family affairs
Family affairs, oil on canvas, 2017
89 x 116 cm

This work doesn’t belong to any Serie in particular. I painted it when I was in transition moving to a new estudio so I could not develop a Serie at that time and was painting independent pieces. It also follows the same lines as the ones before. Thick layers of oil and this matt and raw effect. Now that I think on this work, it was painted in a moment where one of my sisters got a mental illness that struck my family. We are a big family and until then we hadn’t had any problem at all, all was easy. May be in my subconscious I painted this big work having my family in mind.

Susana Mata’s works can be seen next year in Esther Montoriol gallery in Barcelona.

Get in touch: @susanamatagarcia
Facebook, www.susanamata.eu

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thank you so much for reading until the end.
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