Invest in Her Art

Promoting women artists & their works.
Advocates for diversity in collecting & inclusion in the art world.

Invest in Her Art (@investinherart)


Invest in Her Art features the most interesting female artists of the present as well as icons from the past that in a male dominated art world have been deprived the respect they deserve.

Advocates for diversity, they’re as well one of the best art feeds to discover female artists of colour.


  • Usually 5 or more artworks of each artist, each of them with a complete description
  • The most important information about the artist herself.
  • Information where to purchase the works
  • Reasons why they love the artist’s body of work

We love them…

…because the information that Invest in Her Art provides to their followers is incredibly well researched and presented.

All the pictures on their feed are beautiful high quality pictures and they take just as much care of their stories as of their posts.

To find out more about Invest in Her Art and all the wonderful
women artists features on their page, please visit

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