How to be a Teddy Bear Killer with Felicia Hansen

Danish textile artist and designer Felicia Hansen dismantles discarded stuffed animals to create sustainable art and atypical interior designs from Teddy Bears. Through her practice, she not only creates originaly, one-of-a-kind pieces which tell and inspire personal stories, but also raises awareness on the constantly increasing post-consumer waste from the toy industry.

A couple of weeks ago, Felicia and I met via Zoom to speak about the beauty of working sustainably, the old and new identities of Teddy Bears, and her upcoming solo exhibition at May 25th in Malmö, Sweden, where the 29 year old artist currently lives and works.

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Finding Peace in Feeling Small with Agnes Hansella

Self taught Indonesian artist Agnes Hansella (b. 1992 in Banjarmasin, Indonesia) is on a mission to make humans feel small and to make us understand how we are all connected to each other. Sometimes overwhelmed by the fast pace of today’s digital world, the technique of Macramé helps the artist to remember to breathe and to immerse herself in things she can control.

In her interview with Suboart Magazine, Agnes talks about how Macramé found her in 2016, her most recent body of work, and how feeling small helps her to remind that we’re all just part of one ecosystem.

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Rising Stars: Ioana Tocoaie

Ioana Tocoaie’s ( b.1998, Sibiu, Romania), artistic practice centers around the fantastic, superimposing recognizable elements from a feminist area with metamorphosed fragments, contradictions of reality. Artworks are assembled like a puzzle, a collage of fragments, touches gestures or recognizable elements, a complex game, a scenography as such. Know more about her work in today’s Rising Stars.

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Artist Talk with Jacqueline Blanco

Through the use of food in her paintings, Dallas based artist Jacqueline Blanco (b. 1997) paints the negative impact of sexualization within relationships. Graduated with a BFA in Visual and Performing Arts from the University of Texas of Dallas in 2019, she has participated numerous group exhibitions since 2015, and has shown her work in three solo exhibitions with Plush Gallery and SP/N Gallery in Texas.

In her interview with Suboart Magazine, the artist spoke the element of food in her practice, the importance of time management as an emerging artist, and how art can be a a means to raise awareness.

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In conversation with Haejin Yoo

Despite having dreamed of becoming an artist since her early childhood days, visual artist Haejin Yoo worked in the field of Science for the first years of her adult life. After feeling a deep sense of emptiness at the age of 25, she returned to drawing in her free time and eventually took the decision to become a full artist 5 years back. In our interview with Haejin, we spoke about choosing a creative life over a steady income, the joy and challenges of the painting practice, and her plans for the future

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Creating spaces for dreaming with Emi Avora

Born on a small island in Greece, Emi Avora was lucky to be able to pursue her interest for painting from childhood days on: in the home studio of her father, an artist, she’d get in touch with tools & materials and decided to professionally pursue her passion at the young age of 17.

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Rising Stars: Florencia del Fabbro

Argentinian painter Florencia del Fabbro believes that every human being is a construction of experiences and moments. Interested in showing a little of people’s intimate worlds, her paintings deal moments that are so familiar to us, that many times, they go unnoticed.

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Rising Stars: SuJung Jo

Brooklyn based artist SuJung Jo works photography, painting, wood working and sculpture, aiming to visualize the fragility and vulnerability of human life. Discover more of her work, a combination of acceptance and resistance to her own vulnerability.

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Rising Stars: Shannon Knowlton

From her little garden studio, San Francisco based embroidery artist Shannon Knowlton expresses her hommage to women who have been stitching for centuries.

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