All Eyes On: Aubrey Davis


Aubrey Davis has resided in the San Francisco Bay Area a majority of her life, born into a strenuous family dynamic influenced heavily by mental illness and patriarchal social constructs surrounding marriage. She was the first woman in her family to walk away from marriage, with intentions of burning her generation family trauma tree to the ground. The artist graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelors of Art History and Studio Arts. Davis’ medium is oil painting on velvet and sculptural installation as she documents the journey of life after divorce, the rejection of patriarchal ideals, and self-discovery through cognitive therapy and healing of generational trauma. 


This body of work I am using as rejection exposure therapy, working to curate a space that I can be one hundred precent myself without shame. As someone who struggles being seen or finding my place in patriarchal society post divorce, I have pushed through silent battles to find purpose in creating. I makes work for those who are exhausted by getting out of bed some days, who are overwhelmed by imposter syndrome, and for those with debilitating anxieties that have kept them from fulfilling their full potential. My artwork reflects the suffocating stigmas we place on ourselves when we need grace the most, representing artists who rarely have the mental capacity for gallery networking, and hand-shaking without sweating. I utilizes the often overlooked medium of velvet painting, combined with self-portraiture as response to deep internalized fear of perception and rejection. There is power in resilience, choosing to run to the storm instead of letting it chase you, I no longer runs from myself in fear of the emotions self-portraiture may stir. 

Dali Body Sculpture, Feb-May 2022
Using bust form, mesh wire, paper clay, bubble wrap, painters tape, plaster, acrylic paint, rhinestones, 43” x 36”

Dali Body Sculpture (Back Details), 2022
Lungs made from same materials. 

Dali Body, Velvet no. 9, March 2022
Acrylic paint on blue velvet, wooden board and Mirrored Face, 20” x 48” 

Queen Size Emerald Velvet, December 2021
Acrylic paint on green velvet, gesso, rhinestones, Swarovski Crystals, pearls, stainless steel mirror on wooden board, 24” x 32” 

Steak, 2022
Red and blue velvet painting, gesso, oil paint, and gold leaf on wooden board, 12” x 23” 

Willendorf Pose, 2022
Red Velvet, acrylic and oil paint on wooden board, 10.5″ x 11”

Stomp the Patriarchy (Feet Finder), August 2022
Red velvet, acrylic and oil paint on wooden board, 12.5” x 9.5”

Weeps for Women, Blood Red, July 2022
Velvet painting installation, 48” x 54” (wingspan)

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