Jelena Gagic


Boundless energy

From graphic design to fashion and visual
arts, this Serbian artist is a true multi passionate
entrepreneur. If you’re radiant, joyful & impatient
just like her- then this conversation is for you.

My mind, 2019 and a piece of Jelena’s collection photographed by Katarina Markovic.
Cover picture by Vera Gagic

Me & my art

I am Jelena Gagić, artist, fashion designer, graphic designer, a genuine romantic, great fighter and poet. I live and work in Belgrade, Serbia, where I was born. In a way, I have always been interested in art. Even as a child, I was drawn to it. However, there is also a hereditary factor. My father was very creative. He drew and published puzzles, and my sister is a photographer. I always had their support, which is very important.


Abstract geometry is my passion. I like dissipating shapes and making an explosion of colors which always transports me from reality to another world, the world of imagination. I am aware that my works are “wild” and energetic, but that is me, those are my feelings. I give myself through my art and I want to convey positive energy to everyone who sees it. Like every human being, I have had ups and downs in my life, but art is definitely something in me that gives me energy. Also, I always listen to music while creating and that’s where I find some of my inspiration.

To me, abstraction is an incredible driving force and that is my essence.

My mind, 2019

I am an impatient person by nature and I have completely found myself in the digital world. Although I learned to paint using traditional techniques, the very idea that I can realize my creative impulse quickly is ideal for me.

When I work, I enjoy the creative process, and when I’m done, I remain enchanted in front of my laptop and watch the outcome. I would sit and watch like that for a long time, both at the time of completion and later, because my works have a calming effect on me. I would describe this process as sudden, intense and short outbursts of creativity.

Colours & forms

A lot of people ask me where I learned to combine colors so nicely. It certainly flatters me but honestly, it’s something I’ve been given. So I quote the famous Paul Gauguin: Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.

And as for the connection between colors and shapes, their relationship affects the way I compose a picture. During the process, I play with shapes, adding and deleting them, changing their layout until I am completely satisfied. The same goes for color. I turn chaos into order, and do this on a completely unconscious level. It may be interesting to point out that I usually don’t have a template in front of me, so I start working from a pure white surface. However, since I have been productive for the past 9 years, I am now combining more graphics and they are becoming more complex. But they all come about intuitively. And when I finish them, it is very important to me how I will name them. If my work is called butterfly it would be to suggest an experience through the title.

Of course, it is always interesting for me to hear from the observers what they see or not.

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