All Eyes On: Bade Fuwa


Bade Fuwa is a Nigerian photographer living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Fuwa is a self-taught photographer whose images are inspired by both the complexities of nature, his own personal life and the death of his mother.

Fuwa choreographs an intimacy that is both reminiscent and sentimental, with an idyllic and dreamy feel. His lens captures a tranquility recurring in his own distinctive style.

Self portrait by Bade Fuwa

Beauty and the Beast
Digital photography & manipulation

Too late to call for help
Digital photography and manipulation

Bride of Nebuchadnezzar
Digital Photography

There is no love
Digital Photography

The last words of Sarah
Digital Photography

Hybrid Beauty
Digital photography

For more information about the artist, please visit:
Instagram: @badefuwa

All photographs courtesy of Bade Fuwa
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